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Explained: Why you need a Carpet Pad

Explained: Why you need a Carpet Pad

When working with Wingren Floors we can help you navigate the whole process.  This includes from purchase of your new carpet to installation.  Now that you have picked out your perfect carpet, don’t forget about the carpet pad.  The Carpet Pad is the padding that installed below your carpet so your carpet is not installed directly onto the subfloor.  This reduces the wearing of the carpet on the subfloor.  The Carpet pad will also reduce the stress on the carpet from weight of furniture and movement.  Carpet Pads play a critical role in your carpet appearance and performance.  Let’s introduce some basics:

Why is a Carpet Pad important?

Reduces pile loss overtime
Creates a soft cushion to your carpet
Increases carpet cleaning efficiency by giving it a slight lift
Thermal insulation
Dampens sound. Especially important for multi-story homes
Increases carpet longevity

There are a variety of carpet pad options available so it’s important to understand your needs first.  Carpet pads can include qualities such as odor-reducing, air filtering, memory foam (that’s right, we said memory foam) and moisture barrier pads.

What types of Carpet Pads are available?

Rebond Padding
Foam Padding (Urethane)
Prime Urethane Foam
Wool or fiber Padding
Rubber Padding
Specialized Carpet for Pet Odors*

*You might have seen carpet padding on the market that advertise the carpet padding fixes pet odors problems. These padding will include a baking soda agent.  We would suggest spending your money on working to fix your pet accident problems as these types of padding generally don’t accomplish the desired result.

Carpets available for sale from Wingren Floors come with a manufacturer warranty.  Installing the carpet without the correct carpet padding can void your warranty. Often you will required a carpet pad with 7/16 inch thickness and no less than 1/4 inch with 6 pounds per cubic feet density.  Our experts at Wingren can help you navigate the carpet pad purchase process when you purchase your carpets with us.

Click here to find out about what Carpet options available at our Wingren Floors Showroom in Nanaimo.

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