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Nanaimo Area Rug Showroom and How to Choose the right size Area Rug

Nanaimo Area Rug Showroom and How to Choose the right size Area Rug

Area rugs are a wonderful pieces of artwork that can dramatically change the look and feel of your room. A well placed area rug can make a small room feel bigger.  Not only are area rugs wonderful for design but they are also functional!  They protect the high traffic areas of your flooring and they are quick and easy to move around.  The best part about area rugs, is that if you are a person who likes to keep up with the latest flooring decor, but doesn’t want to replace the carpet prematurely, an area rug can be an immediate update to your home, without the frustration of replacing floor and the money it will save you.

Area rugs are very customize-able, they can be used in foyers, bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms or outdoor patios.  They are especially a common accent to your home when you have hardwood flooring, vinyl or laminate flooring. Wherever you have flooring, think area rugs.

We offer 3 types of area rugs:

1  Round Area Rugs.  We grew up with the popular saying “always think outside the box” which reminds us of doing something different with round rugs.  Round rugs can be a perfect accent to a dining, living room or in an entry way to greet your guests.

2  Square/Rectangle Area Rugs.  The classic rug shape, the rectangle rug is the most popular area rug shape.  The most common sizes are 5×7, 6×9, 8×10 and 10×14.

3  Runner Area Rugs.  Runners are beneficial for 2 purposes, leading your eye down a hallway, and providing a cover for the flooring in the most high traffic areas.  The high traffic areas that runners are most commonly used in are on the stairs and leading down a hallway.  This is also due to the long, skinny nature of the rug, which normally 2.6 feet in width.

You can find all 3 types of area rugs on display in our Nanaimo Flooring Showroom! 

How to Choose your Area Rug Size:

The most common mistake we see with area rugs is that most people buy their area rugs way too small. Before purchasing your area rug, you should first measure the size of your room, and the size of the furniture groupings that the area rug will be used with.  Hint: Bigger is better.  A few inches bigger for a rug generally is not a bad thing, but a few inches too small can make your room feel choppy.   A trade secret we suggest is to visualize the area rug in your home.  Grab yourself some painters tape and tape it to the floor with the size of the area rug to visualize what it will look like in your room.

One of our biggest pet peeves, is pushing our chair out from the dining room table and having it catch on the edge of the rug.  Here’s an example of the suggested area rug size for your dining room:

Area Rugs Nanaimo: How to choose the right size

Area Rug Showroom:

Wingren Floors has recently expanded our flooring showroom to now include the whole upstairs of our office on Northfield Road.  That means we now have a bunch more real estate to retail and store an amazing selection of area rugs.  Previously you might find around 50 area rugs in our showroom, since our expansion, we are now proud to boast over 300 area rugs.  This is a HUGE selection.  You won’t even find this large of selection at the big box stores, and Wingren Flooring is locally owned.

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